January 15, 2024

CSD at COP 28 Dubai (December 2023): Navigating Sustainable Frontiers

By Soomrit Chattopadhyay

Senior Research Associate ,CSD,GIPE

As a research associate at the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), Gokhale Institute, Pune, my recent journey to COP 28 in Expo City Dubai was a profound exploration of sustainable innovations and global collaboration. COP, or the Conference of Parties, serves as a pivotal global summit where nations converge to deliberate on strategies combating climate change. Graciously invited by the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN), I had the distinct privilege of being part of the team showcasing CSD’s projects at Booth 32 in the Blue Zone.


Expo City Dubai buzzed with the vibrancy of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions. The exhibition unfolded a panorama of advancements encompassing carbon capture and sequestration, biofuels, biomass conversion to food, electric vehicles, net-zero nuclear, protein-based meat,soil-less agricul carbon and green credit generators, and green materials.


The IYCN’s invitation not only provided a platform for us to exhibit CSD’s projects but also shed light on the dichotomy in research and development focus between the developed world and India. Funders from countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea actively sought collaborations, emphasizing the stark contrast in priorities in Research and development between developed nations and the global south.

The exhibition itself was divided into the Green Zone, open to all, and the Blue Zone, an exclusive invite-only space. Booth 32 in the Blue Zone proudly displayed CSD’s projects, garnering attention from global leaders and industry experts alike.

Networking opportunities were abundant, fostering connections with students and young professionals from esteemed institutions like Oxford, Harvard, and local universities in Dubai. Facilitated by collectives such as Extreme Hangout, Global Youth Coalition, and AIESEC, these interactions sparked collaborations and idea exchanges among passionate individuals,funders and entrepreneurs.

As the dust settles post the extended lacklustre negotiations at COP 28, where discussions on the Clean Development Mechanism, Loss and damage funds, Global stocktake, mitigation and adaptation finance, and phasing out of fossil fuels took center stage, I reflect on the time spent engaging with global leaders, action-takers, and innovators. The projects at CSD focusing on solid waste management,net zero village,biofuels,River basin management,livelihoods and pollution control among many more stand as a beacon of hope and collaboration towards a greener future. My heartfelt thanks go out to IYCN and all well-wishers for the invaluable opportunity to contribute to this global dialogue on sustainability.

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